PirateZombie (acidkittyangel) wrote in gilbert_tigers,

Yay.. THERE IS LIFE!!!! o.o'

Awesome... people responded.. so.. I will introduce myself.

I'm Alyssa... and I am probably that one Senior you don't know and call 'freak' or 'lesbian'. Maybe not. I'm not gay. +angry face+

I'm insane... hyper and ... well... very weird. Anyone like weird? How about art? How about Outlaw Star? If you like Outlaw Star, then you are on my cool list.

I spend about 4 hours a day in room 1111. So ... geekish... I know.

Please, do not talk to me about religion, government, or music. I am very anal on knowing everything, or at least thinking I know everything in the subjects, but with music... it's more of the music that I have heard. You may not like my opinion, but you can keep that to yourself. Maybe you can state your opinion back to me, then we can have a nice conversation. Just, really... how many people can hold conversations that don't have a million abbreviations.

Okay, back to introducing. Yea, I am very talkative. I do art crap. Two photos I took are in the display case near the office. Just to let you know. I'm sick of photography. I'm a slave to photos though. Eh, well... I'm 18. Woot. I draw tattoos, and just about anything else. I'll have blue hair in about 2 weeks. 12 piercings, 3 tattoos... I have no idea how to introduce myself!!! Arr!

I guess I'll do a list?


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