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Story Time

zwAk04: yesterday
zwAk04: i was completely mortified
zwAk04: we were at the movie theater
zwAk04: for my mom's birthday
Xx Im onlyAshes: mhm
zwAk04: and this guy sitting behind us is saying the rudest things in me and tyler's direction
zwAk04: we were just sitting there next to each other, not kissing or anything, and he says stuff like "i can't find where the arms start or the legs begin" and "oh, let's make a baby"
zwAk04: so we both leave to go to the bathroom and when we get back
zwAk04: the guy actually has the nerve to lean up to us and request that there isn't "excessive necking during the movie"
Xx Im onlyAshes: omg
Xx Im onlyAshes: that is so rude
zwAk04: i was completely shocked
zwAk04: i couldn't think of a thing to say
zwAk04: and i was so glad because tyler was totally calm, and told the guy off
Xx Im onlyAshes: haha
Xx Im onlyAshes: good for him.
zwAk04: just said like, "you don't have any right to be speaking to us this way" and that we heard him talking behind us before and that we wanted him to quit it
zwAk04: or go f**k himself
zwAk04: j/k
Xx Im onlyAshes: haha
zwAk04: and the guy was probably in his 50's
Xx Im onlyAshes: what an ass
zwAk04: ya
zwAk04: so i was angry pretty much the whole movie
zwAk04: and i started crying for a few minutes
Xx Im onlyAshes: :-(
zwAk04: because i just have never had an adult judge me like that, you know?
zwAk04: i was like, what the hell. i'm a good kid!
zwAk04: shut up loser
Xx Im onlyAshes: haha
Xx Im onlyAshes: some people
Xx Im onlyAshes: have some nerve.
zwAk04: seriously
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